Thank you for your interest in joining POINT HQ!

POINT is an app to find, share and experience charity opportunities with your community. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, we make it simple to connect to causes. To do this, we need a team of people to put in the hard work ... like the blog team. 

The purpose of the POINT Blog is to raise awareness of global issues, highlight current cause news and act as a source of updates on POINT HQ happenings.


The Blog Contributor position is currently an unpaid volunteer position at POINT.


The Blog Contributor is an integral part of POINT’s marketing and branding. You will work closely with the Blog Coordinator, who will provide you with guidance and materials. (Additionally as part of the Blog Team, we ask that your personal social media reflect the attitude and professionalism of POINT.)


• Attend team meetings

• Regularly check POINT communications, i.e. team email and ‘slack’ updates

• Work with the Blog coordinator to know when and what to post

• Stay up to date on the monthly content calendar, contributing 2 blogs per month

• Research content to post; for example: facts about world causes, current UN Global Goals trends, prominent philanthropic community members, etc.

• Assure the all postings are in the POINT’s company tone

• Coordinate with staff in other departments and with external contacts

• Attend POINT HQ meetings, which are held the second Sunday of every month

• Attend POINT HQ volunteer opportunities



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